Lake Gardens - the biggest ‘green secret’ in the city
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Lake Gardens - the biggest ‘green secret’ in the city

Malaysians regularly complain that Kuala Lumpur is fast running out of green spaces. However, this vibrant beautiful city is still verdant with many lush green pockets dotting the city and giving shelter and serenity to city dwellers. Many city goers, especially young people, are however unaware of a green “institution” right smack in the middle of the historic part of Kuala Lumpur.

The Lake Gardens of Kuala Lumpur is a 92 hectare park first established in 1888, with many walking paths, an artificial lake in the middle, and exercise machines for park visitors to use. The green lung is also a main training spot for runners preparing for long distance running as it offers flat and hilly pathways to keep training fun and motivated.

KL Bird Park

There is even an aviary in the KL Bird Park in the vicinity which houses more than 3,000 birds which visitors can enjoy with paid admission. Besides birds, there is even a KL Butterfly Park in the area which is home to 6,000 butterflies of 120 species. There is something for everyone at the Lake Gardens.

If one is feeling adventurous, there is the magnificent Islamic Arts Museum a heartening walk away. This museum is a must-visit as it contains valuable artifacts dating back centuries including valuable manuscripts. We will explore this wonderful museum in the coming issues!

The National Monument honouring the fallen soldiers who gave their lives for Malaysia’s peace and security, is also within the Lake Gardens area.

How to get there: By bus number T820 (alight at Tugu Negara) or by the MRT Kajang Line to Muzium Negara MRT Station and walk to the Lake Gardens

Team Mobiliti
June 11, 2024