Wishing all a fantastic year ahead!
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Wishing all a fantastic year ahead!

Dear readers,

As we embark on a new year brimming with endless possibilities, I take a moment to reflect on our collective journey in 2023 and set our sights on the exciting horizons of 2024.

If I were to encapsulate the year, I'd describe 2023 as a journey of improvement for us at Prasarana. While we encountered a few minor potholes along the way, our resilience, thanks to the unsung heroes of Prasarana, swiftly brought us back on track. Their tireless efforts ensured that our journey remained safe and comfortable.

Towards the close of 2023, both our Rapid Rail and Rapid Bus operations witnessed a remarkable improvement, evident in our consistent daily ridership of over a million passengers. This increase translates to fewer private vehicles on the road, ultimately leading to reduced congestion and, hopefully, less pollution in the environment.

This achievement aligns seamlessly with the goals we set for ourselves in the recently launched Prasarana Sustainability Blueprint 2023-2030—a comprehensive roadmap underscoring our commitment to environmental stewardship and societal well-being, poised to revolutionise the country’s transport system.

Above all, we steadfastly prioritise the safety of our passengers. The recent launch of the women's coach on the MRT Kajang line resulted in a substantial reduction in complaints regarding sexual harassment. We aspire to extend this successful pilot project to other lines in the near future.

Discover more about these 2023 improvements (and more!) in this issue of Mobiliti.  Before I conclude, I express my gratitude to our incredible team of almost 10,000-strong Prasarana family members and the millions of riders who choose our services daily. Your support is the driving force behind our success.  To all our staff—keep up the excellent work!

So, buckle up! We're primed for an exciting journey in 2024! Wishing you a fantastic year filled with seamless journeys and new adventures!

Warm regards,


President & Group CEO

Prasarana Malaysia Berhad

Team Mobiliti
April 2, 2024