Pantai Balok Outside Kuantan is Not To Be Missed
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Pantai Balok Outside Kuantan is Not To Be Missed

For those who are going on holiday to Kuantan for the first time or for the locals without transportation, they have beautiful beaches to visit less than 30 minutes from the city centre. Take Rapid Kuantan bus number 600 to be in Pantai Balok or Balok Beach in no time at all. There are actually many more beach destinations in the district that can be explored for a family vacation. Balok Beach has a beautiful view that is sure to create a sense of excitement among visitors. The beach is long, wide, peaceful and one can be surprised that this slice of paradise is just a short distance away from Kuantan, the capital of Pahang.

Horse riding on the beach

For local residents, Pantai Balok is a relaxing location on the weekend because of its comfortable beach conditions and shaded by trees. In fact, this location is often used as a recreational spot in the afternoon, such as jogging, because of its wide stretch of beach which can stretch for 6km. The writer has many times enjoyed long runs on the soft beach and it is truly a serene experience. In addition to being a focal point for recreation, Pantai Balok is also the choice of extreme windsurfing, windsurfing and sailing enthusiasts. Windsurfing, and sailboat competitions involving international participation are often held on this beach due to the wind and currents which are suitable for the water sports.

Long and wide beach

For photography enthusiasts, many interesting pictures can be taken here. Wait until dusk, the sunset atmosphere with children playing on the beach and the fishing boats returning are among the moments not to be missed. There are also a wide variety of food options ranging from an upscale burger shop on the beach to a variety of local delicacies served by friendly villagers.

How to get there: take the Rapid Kuantan bus route 600 to get to Pantai Balok.

Team Mobiliti
June 11, 2024