Delicious and affordable Indian comfort food in old Kuala Lumpur
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Jom Makan

Delicious and affordable Indian comfort food in old Kuala Lumpur

For an authentic old-school chapati experience in Kuala Lumpur, few places can beat Restoran Santa Chapati located in the old street of Jalan Tun HS Lee. It is a no-frills halal place with a loyal following ranging from the man on the street to CEOs because the food is simply delicious and evokes memories of growing up in a simpler time. Established 26 years ago, Santa Chapati offers fluffy chapatis made in the open with an array of dhal, sardine curry, mutton keema and chicken peratal to choose from. Try the chickpea curry for a wholesome comfort food experience! The aroma of chapatis on the hot griddle continues to draw in patrons from near and far for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The owner Kulwant Singh wants only to provide affordable quality meals, a mission he has fulfilled since the day the restaurant opened. Prices are very affordable with meals which also include rice and thosai priced at under RM10. But the star of the show is definitely his chapati made on the spot, soft and flipped fresh from a doughy state to grilled whole wheat goodness. With the accompaniment of wholesome, home-cooked curries, the eating experience is uniquely Malaysian with people of all races tucking in contentedly. Just beware that lunch times are the busiest times as people cram into the simple bare shoplot to tuck into wholesome deliciousness! Please visit if you have not done so already!

Team Mobiliti
June 11, 2024