A Greener and Smoother Ride Awaits
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A Greener and Smoother Ride Awaits

Malaysians will be pleased to know that Prasarana is institutionalising sustainability in all that we do. For instance, we launched the Sustainability Blueprint that, among others, aims of reducing operational carbon pollution by 45% by 2030 via increased electrification, solar panels and energy audits.

Next, we are set to acquire a total of 310 diesel-engine buses, marking this as the final procurement of diesel-engine buses before transitioning to fully electric vehicles (EVs) by 2037. This last batch of diesel-engine buses will be delivered to us by March next year. And we plan to add over 1,100 electric buses between 2025 to 2030, as part of the National Energy Transition Roadmap (NETR) to achieve green mobility and electrify public transportation. This is on top of the 150 units of EV feeder buses that will be used for the upcoming LRT Shah Alam Line (LRT3).

We already have EV buses on the road in our efforts to provide green mobility options to all Malaysians, where 15 electric buses are operational on the Sunway BRT system.

Rapid KL BRT Sunway bus

Further, solar energy is also vital as a green mobility solution and we have installed solar panels on the BRT-Sunway and six other stations in 2023 with more installations planned for the next three years involving 75 rail and bus depots, hubs, and stations.

These initiatives align with our commitment to energy efficiency, green mobility, and the overall transition towards sustainable and environmentally friendly practices in public transportation.

We are not just focused on tracks and wheels. In fact, we are looking to invest in walkways, accessible bus stops, and integrated hubs, all aimed at enhancing your travel experience. Stay tuned for more exciting news in this space!

Please join us in this greener travel experience and buckle up for the remarkable journey ahead.

Team Mobiliti
June 11, 2024