Celebrating Hari Raya at Menara Prasarana: Traditional Roots in a Contemporary World
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Celebrating Hari Raya at Menara Prasarana: Traditional Roots in a Contemporary World

Group photo: Prasarana Chairman and PGCEO with staff

In the township of Ara Damansara, the gleaming new office building of Prasarana Malaysia Berhad, Menara Prasarana, recently was filled with the energy and atmosphere of a vibrant Hari Raya open house celebration among the Prasarana community. The unique tradition of hosting an open house not only embodies the spirit of openness and hospitality but also strengthens bonds among employees. This event not only marked the festive period but also symbolised the unity and cultural richness within Prasarana. The celebration was a testament to the organisation's commitment to fostering a harmonious work environment, blending traditional values with the modern corporate ethos.

Menara Prasarana, built according to sustainable and environmentally-friendly designs, was adorned with Hari Raya decorations. Each floor and common areas were transformed with vibrant "ketupats” (rice wrapped in young coconut palm leaves woven in a diamond shape), "pelitas" (oil lamps), and other decorations that evoked the festive spirit. The use of traditional Malay motifs in the decorations created a welcoming atmosphere that embodied the spirit of Hari Raya.

No Hari Raya celebration would be complete without a traditional feast, and the event at Menara Prasarana was no exception. A sumptuous buffet was laid out on every floor, featuring an array of traditional Malay dishes such as "Rendang", "Satay", "Lemang", "Ketupat," "kuih muih", and a variety of drinks and desserts. The feast provided an opportunity for employees from different backgrounds to bond over delicious food, embodying the spirit of togetherness and celebration as they don their best Raya outfit, travelled from floor to floor, visiting each other’s open houses and enjoying a diverse culinary adventure.

The Hari Raya celebration at Menara Prasarana was more than just a festive event; it was a reflection of the organisation's commitment to celebrating Malaysia's cultural diversity and fostering a sense of community among its employees. Through a blend of traditional and modern elements, the celebration showcased the essence of Hari Raya - unity, joy, and gratitude. As Prasarana Malaysia Berhad continues to grow, events like these are pivotal in nurturing an inclusive and harmonious workplace culture, making it a truly remarkable place to work.

Team Mobiliti
June 11, 2024