Adding Artistry to Artisan Burgers
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Adding Artistry to Artisan Burgers

In Damansara Perdana, a determined young couple, Mohamad Firdaus Adnan and his beloved wife Nor Hazwani Muhamad Rashidi, started flipping burgers by the roadside. This wasn't just any venture for Firdaus. After losing his job during the tough COVID-19 times, he turned to what he knew and loved best, cooking – a passion he inherited from his dad Mr. Adnan, who's pretty great at whipping up delicious meals.

For Firdaus, cooking wasn't new. He grew up watching cooking shows, absorbing every bit of culinary wisdom he could, long before he decided to make a business out of it. And when it came to starting his own venture, Firdaus wasn't a rookie. He had dabbled in various businesses, from car washes to trading car parts and designing streetwear. Yet, it was the food and beverage industry that truly captured his heart.

Preparation of smashed burger

Flavorites & Co. (yes, you guessed it right, 'flavorites' is a fusion of flavor and favorites) came into being in November 2022, with Firdaus and Hazwani serving burgers from a small roadside setup. For 10 months, amidst the roar of traffic, they flipped burgers with dreams bigger than their stall. But every chef knows the pain of limited kitchen space, and for Firdaus and Hazwani, growth meant finding a new home. About 10 months later, their friend, Mohammad Faiz Abu Muthalib, who's now their business partner, not only offered them some capital but also a chance to move their business into a sub-let shop in USJ 9, Subang Business Centre. This small shop near Taipan has since become the new home for their dreams.

Managing Flavorites & Co. is a tight-knit team of two full-time staff and two part-time helpers, all led by Firdaus. Despite the small team, Firdaus manages to keep the quality of their burgers top-notch. He's a graduate in international business with a knack for design, which shows in the appealing look of their brand, from the logo to the menu and product photos.

Smashed burger set with fries

What makes their burgers stand out? It's not just the taste of homemade smashed patties and Firdaus' secret spicy mayo recipe, but also the high-quality meat from New Zealand and Australia.

The journey hasn't been easy. From days with only one burger sold to training staff to match Firdaus' cooking style, it's been a bumpy ride. But the dream of expanding, opening more outlets, setting up a central kitchen, and getting a JAKIM Halal certificate for their shop although every ingredient they use is Halal-certified, keeps them going.

Crowds at Flavorites & Co.

At Flavorites & Co., beyond being a burger spot, the journey of Firdaus and Hazwani embodies the essence of hard work and a savoury taste of success, no matter how humble the origins. With their heartfelt slogan, 'Good Food, Good Mood,' they infuse every meal with not just taste but also a sprinkle of joy.

Feeling hungry already? Check out their Instagram page here:

How to get here via public transport: The shop is just about a 5- minute walk from the Taipan LRT Station

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April 2, 2024