Muhammad Faizal: Redefining the Role of a Train Officer
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Muhammad Faizal: Redefining the Role of a Train Officer

Muhammad Faizal operating the Monorail

Muhammad Faizal's journey began as a child growing up watching his father, long-serving member of Rapid Rail En Zainal Abidin serve as a train driver on the Monorail line. As a child, Faizal often accompanied his father to work, observing the intricate operations and the dedication required. This early exposure ignited his passion and set him on a path to follow in his father's footsteps.

A Professional Beyond Driving

Faizal's career as a Train Officer spans nine years, during which he has taken on responsibilities that go far beyond merely driving the train. His role encompasses ensuring passengers’ safety, monitoring operational systems, and handling emergencies with a level of professionalism that is often underestimated.

"People often see us as just train drivers," Faizal explains, "but our role involves critical decision-making and managing any situation that arises, often involving the safety and well-being of our passengers."

One particularly memorable experience was during his routine workday when a passenger went into labour. Faizal's response was both swift and composed. He assisted the passenger, ensured her comfort, and contacted her preferred hospital. "Staying calm and managing the situation efficiently was crucial, especially with other passengers potentially panicking," he recounts.

"In emergencies, we are the first responders," Faizal explains. "Our actions can make a significant difference in the outcome. It's about maintaining order and ensuring that passengers feel safe, even in the most challenging situations."

Mastering Skills and Changing Perceptions

To excel in his role, Faizal emphasises the importance of the English language. "Mastering English is essential," he advises. "It's not just about communication; it's about understanding technical terms and instructions that are often in English." This skill is vital to coordinate with the Operation Control Centre (OCC) teams to avoid any miscommunication.

Faizal is passionate about changing the public's perception of Train Officers. He wants to highlight the critical and complex nature of the profession. "We need to move away from the stereotype of being just drivers," he asserts. "Our job requires expertise, critical thinking, and the ability to manage emergencies effectively and most importantly to ensure our passengers arrive at their destination safely."

Advice to Aspiring Train Officers

For those aspiring to join the profession, Faizal offers valuable advice: "Equip yourself with both technical knowledge and soft skills. Stay calm under pressure, be punctual, and be ready to handle any situation professionally."

Through his efforts, Faizal hopes to inspire a new generation of Train Officers who see their role not just as a job, but as a professional career that demands respect and admiration.

Team Mobiliti
June 11, 2024