Prasarana's Digital Adventure: Paving the Way for Tomorrow's Commute
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Prasarana's Digital Adventure: Paving the Way for Tomorrow's Commute

In the bustling realm of Malaysia's transportation landscape, Prasarana Malaysia Berhad is embarking on a thrilling digital odyssey set to reshape how we navigate our cities. Our mission? To elevate services, enrich the passenger experience, and brace for the challenges of the future through the strategic infusion of digital innovations and cutting-edge technology.

Eamon Chee, the Group Chief Digital Officer, is the captain of this high-tech voyage. At its core, the mission is all about simplifying processes, bidding farewell to cumbersome paperwork, and replacing manual tasks with digital wizardry. By embracing digitized data and automated operations, Prasarana is on a quest for enhanced efficiency, fewer errors, and a more agile operation. Chee envisions this as an opportunity to infuse the company with fresh technology and skills, igniting the flames of digital innovation.

Of course, every voyage encounters its share of rough waters. Prasarana recognises that success hinges on helping people adapt to these technological shifts. Navigating shifts in mindset and steering behavioral changes are essential components of the transformative course. To ensure smooth sailing, Prasarana has charted a comprehensive upskilling program, uniting employees from diverse functions and upgrading their skills to steer the organisation toward digital horizons.

Prasarana's digital journey also extends to its commuting application, PULSE, a digital compass of technology and convenience. Launched in December 2020, PULSE serves as a savvy guide, offering passengers vital information about stations, services, and estimated arrival times for buses and trains. Prasarana's commitment to inclusivity ensures that even the elderly and less fortunate can navigate the app's digital waters.

But there's more in store. Incentives, rewards, and loyalty programmes, forged through partnerships, will be the winds in the sails of app usage, encouraging more passengers to come aboard the digital voyage.

In a harmonious duet of collaboration, Prasarana is exploring partnerships with lifestyle and online shopping platforms, offering exclusive deals to commuters. The integration of "first and last mile" solutions with mobility giants like Grab and AirAsia promises a seamless voyage, enhancing convenience and connectivity within public transport.

The first leg of Prasarana's digital adventure commences at the new Prasarana headquarters in Subang, where smart solutions will be unfurled by Q1 2024. These innovations include smart CCTVs, energy monitoring, and intelligent lighting. Retrofitting older stations, like calibrating a finely tuned instrument, demands precision and care, but the promise of enhanced safety, efficiency, and customer satisfaction underscores its worth.

Prasarana's digital voyage may unfold over time, but the vision of a smarter, more efficient, and passenger-friendly public transportation system is a voyage well worth embarking upon. The future of commuting promises a symphony of innovation and progress, setting a course for a new era in transportation, where every journey is a digital adventure.

Team Mobiliti
June 11, 2024