Prasarana's OKU Smile Pass Initiative Continues to Make Waves with Engagement and Roadshow Event at Masjid Asy Syakirin, KLCC
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Prasarana's OKU Smile Pass Initiative Continues to Make Waves with Engagement and Roadshow Event at Masjid Asy Syakirin, KLCC

In a heartwarming display of inclusivity and accessibility, Prasarana's OKU Smile pass initiative continues to touch the lives of individuals with disabilities (OKU) in Malaysia. Building upon the success of its launch on 1 February 2024, the latest chapter in this inspiring journey unfolded at the engaging roadshow held at the iconic Masjid Asy Syakirin near KLCC.

In a recent event on February 18, held in collaboration with the Malaysian Federation of the Deaf (MFD), participants were brought together in a space that was lively with activity and friendship. At the start of the day, the Muslim Deaf Association of Malaysia (PRISMA) held a special KAFA class that set the tone for learning, unity, and empowerment.

Government officials graced the occasion, shedding light on PADU, Malaysia's Central Database Hub, underscoring the country's commitment to facilitating services for persons with disabilities. Representatives from Prasarana/Rapid KL later took the stage, passionately detailing the benefits of the OKU Smile Free Ride Pass to eager participants.

KAFA class by PRISMA

Amongst the highlights of the event was the heartening response to the OKU Smile initiative, with a total of 109 OKUs embracing the opportunity for free rides. This included 78 new registrations and 31 existing OKU concession cardholders (who are eligible for a 50% discount) upgrading to the enhanced benefits of the Prasarana OKU Smile Free Ride Pass, representing a step towards greater mobility and independence.

The engaging event culminated in a spirit of unity and progress, as participants left with newfound knowledge, connections, and, above all, a strengthened sense of belonging and support. As the clock struck 2.00 pm, the gathering dispersed, carrying with them the essence of community and empowerment that defines the continuing legacy of Prasarana's OKU Smile initiative.

Registration staff for the OKU Smile Pass initiative

OKU Smile initiative, which was announced by Transport Minister YB Anthony Loke on 21 December 2023, is in alignment with Prasarana’s own corporate social responsibility agenda and benefits OKU riders in the Klang Valley, Penang, and Kuantan, Pahang.

As Malaysia strides towards a future of inclusivity and compassion, initiatives like the OKU Smile pass stand as beacons of hope, bridging gaps and fostering a society where all individuals are valued and uplifted – one ride and one smile, at a time.

For further information on how to be a part of this remarkable journey, visit Prasarana's official website at or reach out to the dedicated customer service hotlines for Rapid KL at 03-78852585, Rapid Penang at 04-255 8000, or Rapid Kuantan at 09-5663686/019-3858607.

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June 11, 2024